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Secure Data Eraser


Secure Data Eraser is a solution to keep your computer privacy:

  • wipe files and folders;
  • wipe disk drives and flash memory;
  • wipe unused disk space.

Secure Data Eraser overwrites data in either fast or secure erase algorithms with multiple passes using overwrite patterns designed to achieve military-strength security.

Secure Data Eraser erases files completely, so sensitive information CAN NEVER BE ACCESSED OR RECOVERED using any data recovery software or even in a special data recovery laboratory.

You can choose from several overwrite patterns:

  1. Zeroes - Filling with zeroes in one pass. Fast.
  2. Pseudo-Random - Filling with pseudo-random numbers in one pass. Fast. Hides the fact that the data is wiped.
  3. DoD 5200.22M (8-306. / E) - Fills with a special number pattern in 3 passes. Slow. Very secure. *
  4. DoD 5200.28M (8-306. / E, C and E) - Fills with a special number pattern in 7 passes. Very slow. Very secure. *
    * Defined in the National Industrial Security Program Operating Manual of the US Department of Defense.
  5. Peter Guttman - Fills with a special number pattern in 35 passes. Terribly slow. Military-level security. **
    ** Based on Peter Gutmann's paper "Secure Deletion of Data from Magnetic and Solid-State Memory".

These patterns are designed to effectively remove the magnetic remnants from the hard disk making it impossible to recover the data. As an alternative, you can modify any pattern and create new ones for your special needs!


  • Wipe files and folders clean
  • Files and folders may be combined in wipe lists to be erased in a single procedure
  • Wipe disk drives and flash memory if it is accessible as a drive letter in your system
  • Optional automatic re-formating of drives after wipe
  • Wipe unused disk space
  • Choose security level from Standard to Military-strength
  • Supports FAT and NTFS file systems
  • Easy to use, intuitive wizard-driven interface
  • Supports all modern Windows versions, including Windows® NT/2000/XP/2003
  • and much more!

  • Download Trial Version

    You can download a free trial version (1803 KB) of Secure Data Eraser and test it before purchasing
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    Secondary Download

    Ordering Information

    Secure Data Eraser is shareware. If you would like to use all its features a registration is required. You can order the fully licensed version of Secure Data Eraser over the Internet with any major credit card.

    License typeUSD
    Single user license$ 19.95

          Single/Multiple License(s)

    Secure Data Eraser
    Latest version:
    2.8 (2016-02-28) NEW!
    Download size:
    1803 Kb


    The first program screen with main action selection.

    Selecting the files and folders you want to wipe clean.

    Confirm the file list you are about to wipe.

    Wipe files and forders clean

    *Click on the images above to enlarge.

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