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It is, perhaps, not a coincidence that “backup” and “boring” begin with the same letter. Copying files, sometimes in their thousands, from place to place on a regular basis, just in case… The more often you do it, the safer for you, but oh what a drag!

Now, what do you do with boring tasks? You automate them as much as possible. You need data backup software that can perform varied scheduling, start backup jobs the moment folder contents change, run other applications automatically if needed, have hot keys enabled, autodial a modem, send emails automatically, use multithreading, have command-line support…

Supported medium types
Supported medium types

GrandBackup does all that. And it has a comprehensive assortment of “Destinations”, i.e. computer resources where you can backup your data to – from local and remote folders to FTP servers to recordable CDs/DVDs (a built-in module is on the way) to email inboxes as attachments (soon to be enabled). It can encrypt (except GrandBackup Personal) and/or compress your backups, it is capable of very flexible file filtering, it can synchronize folders – the bottom line being it can be fine-tuned to practically any backup-related need. GrandBackup Ultimate can even recover accidentally deleted files.

So far not so bad. But it has recently come to our attention that more and more of our registered users tend to employ GrandBackup not only for backups, but also for moving files around automatically, like transferring newly arrived documents to a client’s FTP server, emailing files on a regular basis (by means of scripts, for the time being), or distributing data to multiple computers over a network. That’s when we decided that this software should be described as a “data transfer, backup and synchronization tool”.

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Main Features

Backup to
FTP, network
or local drive

Custom compression,
strong encryption

Bundled data
(ObjectRescue Pro)

GrandBackup Personal
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GrandBackup Business
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GrandBackup Ultimate
US $ 79.95
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Come to think of it, not so boring after all.

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