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Recover data from all popular file systems in situations from accidental file deletion, formatted hard drives, damaged or deleted partitions to total erasure by a virus

Our DIY data recovery and undelete software products are efficient alternative solutions to costly and time-consuming in-lab data recovery services.

What are your data recovery needs?
» Recover deleted files (all types)
» Recover deleted document files
» Recover photos deleted from digital cameras
» Recover music or other data that has disappeared from your iPod
» Recover deleted email messages
» Repair a Zip file

Other data management solutions
» Back up your important files
» Find and remove duplicate files
» Permanently remove files and folders



Recent data recovery articles, tips and tricks 

16 May 2007

Deciding on the right cluster size for an NTFS hard disk

A cluster is a disk-storage unit consisting of a fixed number of sectors that the operating system uses to read or write information. Even for a 1-byte file, one cluster must still be allocated in a FAT file system. In NTFS, if a file is this small, it can be stored in the MFT record itself without using additional clusters. When a file grows beyond the cluster boundary, another cluster is allocated. It means that the bigger the cluster size, the more disk space is wasted, however, the performance is better. Read More»

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File formats that can be recovered:
   Camera Image File Format (CIFF)
   Computer Graphics Metafile (CGM)
   Executable File DOS (EXE)
   PkZip, WinZip (ZIP)
   MS Outlook (PST)
   MS Office Storage File
   MS Excel (XLS)
   JPEG Image (JPG)
   Bitmap (BMP)
   MP3 (MP3)
   AVI (AVI)

See the full list of recoverable file types

* The program is also capable of finding and recovering files of any type by fast analysis of the file system structure.



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FileRescue NTFS FileRescue PRO
recover accidentally deleted files and folders from FAT and NTFS partitions.
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FileRescue FAT FileRescue for FAT
recover data from any flash memory drives formatted with FAT file system.
More information
FileRescue NTFS FileRescue for NTFS
recover data deleted from any modern hard drive formatted with NTFS file system.
More information


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